My name is Heather Hernandez, and I’m the Heather behind it all. I am a homegrown, self-taught, do-it-yourself portrait and still-life photographer specializing in color negative film and portraiture.
I create everlasting digital and analog keepsakes with my own two hands—from shooting, to developing, to scanning, to editing. Every step of the way is carefully controlled and calculated with care and concern.
What began as a mild interest in photography quickly grew into a vivid fascination. I found books for cheap and online tutorials for free and learned as much as I could about theory.
It wasn’t until I began collecting vintage 35mm cameras in the early 2010s that I realized how much I’d grown to love the art.
I take beautiful pictures. I’ve undoubtedly got the eye for it.
I’m here to put it to good use, to create beautiful things, and to give the gift of a moment captured forever.